Your Event on the FMB World Tour? Here’s How!

February 12, 2019

Looking back at the 2018 FMB World Tour season we have witnessed positive development and growth: The highest number of FMBA sanctioned events since 2013 with a total of 58 FMBA sanctioned competitions globally. Over 400 athletes competed at these events, which again is the highest number recorded since 2011. Freeride Mountain Biking is pushing forward and the world is following.

This development is only possible because of people like you who are organising these events and are providing an opportunity for riders to follow the Tour, compete and improve their position on the rankings. With your event being part of a global competition circuit every individual piece is becoming much bigger than itself. Riders, Events, Fans – We are all part of a massive, global and consecutive story about traveling the world, riding, winning, losing and earning a spot on the season’s end rankings. Collectively, we can continue growing the sport and reaching more riders and fans.

We invite you to join the FMB World Tour to make 2019 another awesome year for Mountain Biking!

REGISTER NOW FOR THE 2019 FMB WT SEASON! The event application for the 2019 Gold, Silver and Bronze events as well as for the FMBA sanctioned National Series is now OPEN.

To apply online please follow this link:

All important information about the FMB World Tour event regulations (application deadlines, application process, event requirements, event benefits, etc.) can be found at the bottom of this wesbite-section.

Please submit your provisional 2019 event dates already, if you won’t register within the next 4 weeks!

We kindly ask you to submit your provisional event dates for 2019 if you are not ready yet to officially register via the event online application. Knowing the anticipated dates of the events helps us to better schedule the FMB World Tour Calendar and to plan on the 2019 FMB judge availability. Please let us know of your provisional event dates by sending an email to – Thanks!

You can find the FMB World Tour Calendar here: