Women’s Slopestyle Tour Partners with 2019 FMBA Series

April 24, 2019

The Women’s Slopestyle Tour will be partnering with the FMBA (Freeride Mountain Bike Association) to bring the addition of women’s Dirt Jump, Freeride and Slopestyle events to multiple locations across North America.

This inaugural series will touch down in 3 cities, beginning in Truckee, CA with the Little Big Festival, followed by Sugar Showdown in Seattle, WA and the Big White Invitational in Kelowna, BC – with hopes of expanding its programming to other centres and offering women opportunities to compete beyond North America. All competitions will be included in the FMB World Tour Calendar as an official stop on the Women’s Slopestyle Tour. Each course will be a bronze level event and for the first time ever will allow female riders to accrue points which will be reflected in the World Tour ranking system. 

Organizers Cortney Knudson and Brooks Mulligan of the Little Big Festival, Kat Sweet of Sugar Showdown, and Louise Hatton of the Big White Invitational bring their decades of event organizing experience to introduce this premiere season of events. With coverage available through several mediums- FMB media, the series website, as well as individual event websites, the Women’s Slopestyle Tour will bring an exciting competitive mtb showcase for local spectators and fans abroad. 

“Our group is intently focused on developing a platform for female riders to experience a competitive schedule and earn FMB rankings through a dedicated series. Not only will this help to foster growth in both rider confidence and advance the skills of riders, but it will create a ranking for those who may be seeking sponsorship or much needed exposure. In looking to the world of freestyle BMX, the addition of a World Cup and Vans Pro Cup series (with increased visibility, accolades and reward) has led to women’s progression in the sport happening ‘in real-time’ and producing a class of elite riders. We are dedicated to building the foundation for female mountain bike competition, supporting riders, and cultivating an elite class of athletes who are deserving of industry recognition,” says Stephanie Nychka. 

Further cementing the series’ mission to grow women’s participation worldwide, Women’s Slopestyle Series plans to support the ongoing inclusion of other events across North America and into Europe. More details are to be announced on the website at: womensmtbslopestyletour.com 


Women’s Junior & Pro Tour 

Little Big Festival- Truckee, CA May 25, 2019 
Sugar Showdown- Seattle, WA July 5, 2019 
Big White Invitational, Kelowna, BC July 12, 2019