Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup – Wodzislaw Slaski

July 4, 2015

On Saturday 4th July, in the heart of a Polish town called Wodzisław Ślaski, the second round of the Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup went down. The weather was perfect and the crowds showed great support for the riders.

The riding level was up there with some of the best dirt jumping contests on the FMB calendar. During the finals tricks like, frontflip nohand (Kuba Sidziny), flipwhip (Maris Ornis), double tailwhips (Kuba Grudzinski) and 720’s (Szymon Godziek) all were thrown down to impress the judges and spectators.

The greatest suspense was during the best trick contest.  Szymon Godziek has won more than one Best Trick contest but at his own event, supported by his Foundation (Sfera Sportu) victory was out of his grasp. 

He sent a few superman’s on the first jump but Pawel Valus went one up with a superman nohand. His Czech friend, Vilibald Vitek threw down a frontflip superman.

But the winner, Dan Miler won the contest with the first ever 360 backflip no hand and finished with a double backflip for the fans!

The next round of the Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup takes place on the 1st of August in Warsaw, Poland. Make sure you follow the Polish national series and these FMB Bronze events on Sfera Sportu