Welcome to the Jungle

March 25, 2016

Points are up for grabs again in Switzerland from the 29th to 30th April! This year’s Swatch Rocket Air will be hosting the competition in a jungle setting and the unique Gold Event in Switzerland will again not disappoint. Big FMB World Tour names such as Nicholi Rogatkin and Thomas Genon will also be competing against the likes of Ryan Nyquist and Drew Bezanson. Drew, BMX star and 26 year old Canadian, has signed up for his first FMB World Tour event and fans are eager to see him ride on a mountain bike.

Will Thomas Genon be able to secure his threepeat after winning the title for the last two consecutive years? Will Nicholi Rogatkin stun the crowd with another successful 1080, aka the Twister? Or will another name pop up out of the blue and win the first gold title of the new season? For a continuous update on the rider list, ticket information and all other news check out the Swatch Rocket Air website: www.rocketair.ch

Click here to gear up for the first FMB World Tour Gold stop and take a look at the Swatch Rocket Air trailer.