Timothé Bringer is your 2019 Red Bull Rookie of the Year!

November 19, 2019

The 2019 FMB World Tour season is officially in the books and with that, a new Red Bull Rookie of the Year has been crowned. 21-year-old French rider Timothé Bringer travelled around the world, competing at FMB World Tour contests in the USA, Austria, Canada, Spain and Germany, with his best result being a fourth-place finish at Gold level event O’Marisquino in Vigo, Spain, finishing ahead of some top-level Slopestyle riders like Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) and Lukas Knopf (GER). On top of that, his video submission for the Red Bull Best Line video contest netted him an extra 300 points for 1st place, making the French “Hulk” the 2019 Red Bull Rookie of the Year.

Bringer will now have a chance to prove himself on one of the biggest Slopestyle stages in the world – Crankworx Rotorua in New Zealand, where he’ll be joining the likes of Brett Rheeder (CAN), Nicholi Rogatkin (USA), Erik Fedko (GER), Tomas Lemoine (FRA), Dawid Godziek (POL) and more to kick off the 2020 FMB World Tour season. Will his style translate to big scores in front of the Kiwi crowd? Before we can answer those questions, we caught up with Tim to talk about everything; from how he started to what it’s like knowing that in a few months’ time, the world will be watching as the French rider makes his way down the Crankworx Slopestyle course in Rotorua.

First of all, for the people that don’t know you, who are you and why do they call you The Hulk?

My name is Timothé Bringer, from France, I’m 21 years old and I’ve been riding bikes for 17-18 years now.

(*Laughs*) That nickname is probably because of my size, I’m definitely a big guy.

Talk us through your 2019 season. How did it go for you? What were your aims for this season?

This year was my first real experience in the MTB world, especially riding Slopestyle. I had so much fun riding with everyone! It was hard to do exactly what I wanted during all of the competitions, but now I know what I should work for the next season. My aim was to get a Wildcard, so here we go!

Looking back at the season, what was your personal highlight on the FMB World Tour this year?

My trip to Canada and the US for the Big White TvS Invitational and the Fox US open for the CLIF Slopestyle was sick! I met so many nice people and the Big White course was so good. I can’t wait to go back!

What went through your head when you heard you won the Red Bull Rookie of the Year Award?

I’m so stoked to ride my first FMB World Tour Diamond event with everyone, I can’t wait to be there!!

You’ll be riding at Crankworx Rotorua, with and against some of the best riders the world has ever seen. How does that make you feel?

It’s definitely scary, but it’s going to be fun to ride with them! I already know a lot of the guys that are riding, and I like spending time with them, so it’s going to be sick to hang out with them in New Zealand.

How important do you think an initiative like the Red Bull Rookie of the Year Award is to riders and the Dirt Jump / Slopestyle scene as a whole?

It’s definitely a good idea! It’s a chance for kids or new riders to get an invitation to a Diamond event and I hope the Red Bull Rookie of the Year Award will stay in order to help the young riders get some exposure and to get a taste of the highest level our sport has to offer. I’m really grateful to get the Rookie of the Year Award this year.

When did you start riding dirt jumps?

I really started riding MTB last summer, I was a BMX rider before for like 16 years. I love riding dirt jumps and I’m really tall, so MTB was the best option for me!

Who has been your biggest inspiration to start riding bikes?

My biggest inspiration is my dad. Thanks to him I’m riding bikes and I am where I am today because of him and my family.

Any plans for the off-season?

I’m going to ride a lot to get ready for next season. I still have a lot of work to do to be ready for Rotorua, but I can’t wait.

Looking towards the 2020 season, which events are you most looking forward to?

I’m going to ride as many FMB World Tour Gold Events as possible and I hope I will get enough points to ride all the Diamonds events!

Thanks, Tim, for taking the time, and good luck with your preparations for Crankworx Rotorua!

Red Bull Best Line Results

As part of the Red Bull Rookie of the Year Award, an online video competition was organized for the first time ever – the Red Bull Best Line. Riders were able to submit a run, which were scored as an FMB World Tour Silver Event, meaning 300 points were up for grabs for the winner.

Riders from around the world sent in their submissions and the level of riding was incredible, making judging that much harder. All season long, a battle for top spot in the FMBA Rookie Rankings took place between American Owen Marks and eventual ROTY winner Tim Bringer. Both Owen and Tim were also close in score with their Best Line submissions, with 90 and 92 points respectively, while Spanish rider Marcel Durbau Pimas closed out the Top 3 with an 84.

Tim Bringer: Backflip Double Tail Whip to Oppo Barspin, Cash Roll, Triple Barspin, Flair
Owen Marks: Oppo 360 Drop, Backflip Triple Barspin, 360 Tailwhip to Barspin
Marcel Durbau: Backflip Tailwhip, Truckdriver, Cork 720, 720, Flair

All submissions to the Red Bull Best Line can be watched on Instagram by checking out this LINK

Red Bull Best Line Full Results

1. Timothé Bringer (FRA)
2. Owen Marks (USA)
3. Marcel Durbau Pimas (ESP)
4. Diego Solans (ESP
5. Lukas Weilenmann (SUI)
6. Garret Mechem (USA)
7. Leo Campos (BRA)
8. Carlos Mateu (ESP)
9. James Angiulo (USA)
10. Aleix Planella (ESP
11. Rhayner Silva (ESP
12. Chris Gates (USA)
13. Mika Hohlbaum (GER)