The Swiss Dirt Series Is Underway

July 29, 2021

The 2021 Swiss Dirt Series is officially underway, with the Davos Dirt Jam having kicked things off last weekend. With 31 riders giving it their all at this bronze level event, it was certainly a great way to open this challenging dirt jump contest.

Just look at some of the highlights from what went down last Saturday in the beautiful town of Davos. From stellar riding to good vibes all round, this event was full of meaningful moments that left us stoked on the Swiss freeride scene.

It was thrilling to see Swiss dirt jumpers come together and promote the next gen, as this series is focused on creating a positive atmosphere for up-and-coming athletes to test each other’s skills.

The results from the Davos Dirt Jam left us stoked for the rest of this series that is set to span two more weekends in the summer and early fall.

The Züri Dirt Contest (August 7-8) and Swiss Dirt King (October 16) events cannot come quickly enough. We know that riders, spectators, and the mountain biking community as a whole are looking forward to more of what the 2021 Swiss Dirt Series has to offer.
Photographer: Marc Welschinger (@bergplaeuschler)