The 2019 FMB World Tour Season Is On! 

February 8, 2019

The 2018 season was the biggest FMB World Tour season yet; 58 FMB World Tour Contests were held (the highest number of comps since 2013) and hosted over 400 athletes (the highest number of athletes since 2011), who were all chasing those valuable FMB points! Freeride Mountain Biking is pushing forward and we want you to be a part of the movement! 

We would like to give you a brief overview on what’s coming up and invite you to reach out to us with your questions and feedback.

1) Athlete License Model & Fees – REGISTER NOW! 

There are two license types in 2019: The FMB World Tour License and the FMB Free Amateur License

FMB World Tour License

  • required for entry in FMB Diamond, Gold and Silver level events (Bronze events are optional)
  • required to be listed on the FMB World Ranking and the SWC Standings
  • includes an individual rider profile on the FMB World Tour website. Athletes can update their sponsors, profile pic and bio information for public display
  • EUR 100,- per year

FMB Free Amateur License

  • required for entry in Bronze events (FMB World Tour License is valid as well)
  • required to be listed in FMB Amateur Cup Standings 
  • no cost, registration only 

Register here for your 2019 FMB Rider License!

To register for your 2019 License, please log on to the FMBA member management platform and follow the instructions given. If you forgot your member name or password email us at

 2) Ranking Points Breakdown for the FMB Rankings 

In order to ensure that athletes have a fair chance of moving up the FMB World Ranking and qualify for the SWC, the FMBA has adjusted the points breakdown for FMB Gold and Silver Events beginning of 2018. Wins at Gold events will be rewarded with 100 points more than in the past (from 500 to 600 points for 1st place) and will be the equivalent of a sixth place at an SWC Event. A first place at a Silver level event has been raised to 300 points. The remodeled points structure has been applied to a rider’s past 52 weeks results.

Take a closer look at the points split HERE

3) Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship (SWC) 

SWC Standings

All three Crankworx FMBA SWC events (Rotorua, Innsbruck, Whistler) of the current season count for a rider’s position on the SWC Standings. The Slopestyle World Champion will be crowned at the end of the season at Red Bull Joyride in Whistler, Canada. 

Entry regulations

14 spots are available for SWC events. The top six riders according to the SWC Standings from the previous year („PQ SWC“) automatically qualify for all SWC events. These six pre-qualified athletes will be joined by the next best 6 (IBK)/ 8 (Rotorua 2019 & Whistler) riders according to the FMB World Ranking six weeks before an SWC event (For CWX Rotorua: FMB World Ranking as of end of December 2018). The last two spots in IBK will be awarded to FMB Wildcard entries at designated FMB Gold events taking place before the SWC event. 

You can find the SWC Events HERE

5) Event Calendar Release 2019 

The official calendar announcement will go out at the end of February. We expect over  60 events to be part of the FMB World Tour this year. Event organizers have already been signing up and we are stoked to see events return to the tour and others join for the first time this year. The calendar on the FMB World Tour website will continously be updated in the coming weeks.

You can find the FMB World Tour Calendar here: