Swatch Prime Line awards wildcard to Caverzasi

May 4, 2016

It will take a while until the two FMB wildcards for Swatch Prime Line are awarded at 26TRIX on June 11th. However the Swatch Prime Line organizers decided to award a further wildcard for the FMB Diamond event taking place in Munich on July 2nd. The “lucky” winner was the best placed athlete at Swatch Rocket Air, who has never particpated in a Diamond Event before.

They found a very worthy winner in Diego Caverzasi at the weekend, who sent a huge run, which not only secured him third place but also his first ever ticket to a FMB Diamond Event. The young Italian will be shredding the course in the Olympiapark Munich with many other top FMB riders. It will be interesting to see, how well he will perform in the brightest spotlight of the FMB World Tour.

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