ROSE Bike Dirt Wars UK: Round 2 Results and Recap

June 19, 2018

Round 2 of the infamous Dirt Wars was held at Radical Bike Park in Chelmsford, Essex in, you guessed it, the UK. Following his win at Round 1, Alex Cahill once again laid down some solid tricks on the dirt jumps, claiming another first place on the podium, followed by Freddy Pulman and Tom Reynolds. 

Fun fact: there were a total of 27 frontflips during the Pro Contest. 

Chicksands (Round 1) 3rd place winner Sam Hodgson didnt seem to have the same luck at Radical as he did during the first round and crashed out all of his 3 runs, while veteran Wig Lewington Booth was going off like a helicopter, throwing out tailwhips all over the place.

Zac Rainbow added to the ever increasing front flip count with his fronty tucks and Jack Cardy unleashed his signature suicides and dumped 360’s in his first Pro comp showing he could put it down with the big guns. 

The podium race was however getting owned by the likes of Tom Reynolds, Alex Cahill and Freddy Pulman as they took turns to put down their best; Freddy hitting out with the fully clicked double seat grabs, Tom with some flawless 540’s on the quarter and Alex slaying the decades. The judges had their work cut out for them and after they grinded the numbers, here’s what came out; 

1st Alex Cahill              Decade, Backflip Double Barspin, Flair on quarter 

2nd Freddy Pulman      Backflip Barspin to Tuck, Superman Double Seat Grab, Tailwhip on quarter 

3rd Tom Reynolds        360 1ft Table, Superwhip, 540 on quarter 

Now, it’s on to Round 3, which will be held on July 8th. 

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