Red Bull Rookie of the Year Mid-Season Update

August 8, 2021

With half the season now behind us in 2021, the return of events and the ability for athletes to travel more freely has brought with it contests, competition, even crowds in some locations.

For established freeride athletes, this has meant getting back into the flow of what they know and love. And for those looking to distinguish themselves on the world stage, it’s meant more opportunities to make their mark.

With that, the Red Bull Rooking rankings are starting to pick up steam.

Here’s how things stand with five months of contests in the rear view, and four still ahead.

The season has been dominated by Bronze contests so far (not counting the SWC contest in Innsbruck), but the next two weekends will see the season’s two Gold contests take flight (Red Bull Copenride in Denmark August 14, followed by Red Bull Roof Ride in Poland August 21) followed by a string of Silver and more Bronze events. 

In summary, things are about to get next level.

And while some heavy hitters are likely to rise to the top of the rookie rankings, the current standings offer a window to some young talent that we’re excited to hear more from in the years to come.

With a string of events in Switzerland since the end of July (including the Züri Dirt Contest, the season’s first Silver contest), many European athletes have made a push for the top.

Germany’s Nick Schubarth currently sits in the #1 spot.

You took a win and a third place finish recently – how are you feeling about those results?

“Yes, I am really happy about these two results to look back on, but I was also hoping for more so I will train on the things I have to.”

How does it feel to sit at the top of the leader board in the rookie rankings currently?

“I have seen it just in time and I am stoked to get some contests in, having a great time again with all the nice riders and friends and get some points.”

What are your plans for the rest of the season? Are you going to try and get to some more contests to get some more points?

“My plans are definitely to do a few trips to ride some more upcoming events and get more points to ride at bigger events! But as big as this plan is to work on my riding and enjoying the progression when you into it!”

Have you started thinking about your Best Line edit and what you want to showcase?

“I will try to film a line. I am putting in the work! I will showcase a lot of variety and technical links, but we will see what and how it will work!”

Schubarth’s move into first is a sign of just how fast things can change in the rankings at this point in the season. Prior to this past weekend, it was the Americans who were dominating the top of the leader board. They’ve now been pushed down into the lower part of the top 10.

With two bronze-level finishes under his belt, including a second-place finish in the Freebird Slopestyle Series, Christian Arehart (USA) had been in the lead until last week. He is now sitting in eighth overall, but with only a handful of points separating him from sixth place.

Did you expect to be in the top 10 of the rookie rankings this season? 

“When I go into a competition, I always go into it with high hopes and intentions, the same goes for this. I know I have tough competition, but I feel I have what it takes to be a top contender.”

What are your plans for the rest of the season? Are you going to try and get to some more contests to get some more points?

“For the rest of the season, there’s two more bronze level events I was planning on attending. This was until I dislocated my shoulder last week. This was a set back with one of those competitions [being] only a week and a-half away. I may miss it to give my shoulder the time necessary to heal properly. That would leave me with only one more competition this season in which I’ll give it my all, in hopes of coming out on top!”

Have you started thinking about your Best Line edit and what you want to showcase?

“I am very excited about the best line edit. I love film projects, so this is going to be an exciting one. I’m going to focus on three things: the way the video is filmed and edited, going big with competition size features, and pulling unique tricks that will set me apart. I want my video part to showcase my personality as a rider along with my deep-rooted love for the sport and get people stoked to ride!!”

The Red Bull ROTY title will be awarded to the #1 ranked Rookie Athlete of the 2021 FMB World Tour season. Rankings will be based on a combined score from the 2021 Rookie Rankings (from points earned at FMB World Tour events) and results from Best Line video submission. 

New for this year, more riders will be eligible to be named the Red Bull ROTY. In previous years, riders needed to be aged 16-22 to be eligible. Going forward, the age range has increased to 16-25.

The Red Bull ROTY winner will receive a wildcard entry to the first Crankworx FMBA World Championship contest in 2022, plus flights, accommodation, and spending money.

Previous Red Bull Rookie of the Year Award Winners include:

2020: Garret Mechem (USA)

2019: Timothé Bringer (FRA)

2018: Lucas Huppert (SUI)

Get the details on the rules and regs for the Red Bull Rookie of the Year contest!