Official Statement of the FMBA

February 7, 2018

After reviewing all information provided by the riders, the event officials and the event host, the FMBA Disciplinary Committee has come to the following decision regarding White Style 2018:
The Top 8 athletes will be awarded prize money and FMBA points based on the scores from the quarterfinal round. Due to the behavior expressed by both an athlete and a representative of the event host on the day of the event, the FMBA decided on further disciplinary consequences, which will not be disclosed out of respect toward each party. Such behavior is not acceptable and reflects badly on the sport, the riders, the event host and the FMBA. We expect both event hosts and athletes to treat each other respectfully at FMBA sanctioned events and will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct.

– Simon Bischof, FMBA General Secretary