Matt Jones wins Dirt Wars UK Round 6

November 2, 2017

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The FMB National Series “Dirt Wars UK” finished their season off in style at Schute Woods in East Devon. The warm up to the grand finale took some casualties with two riders taking big slams. Robert Beard took a stack coming up short on the drop which bucked him over the bars, resulting in a broken collar bone and Dan Northern took a stack off the first jump injuring his knee which also left him unable to compete in the comp.

Needless to say all the riders continued to push their boundaries and threw down some high-end tricks during the finals. Tom Reyonlds should have been wearing a space suit as the amplitude on his flip tucks and 360 One-Footed Table Tops were insane, which gave him top amplitude points on the judge sheets putting him in third place for the day. Second place was taken by Course builder, Freddy Pulman with an awesome run consisting of a Flip Barspin to Tuck No Hander on the first obstacle leading to a 360 Barspin off the Canon and a huge Front Flip Tuck No Hander on the last jump. First place was taken by Red Bull rider Matt Jones after throwing down a Superflip on the first, Backflip off the Canon and pulled a huge 720 on the last.

Here are the results:

Round 6 at Schute Woods – Pro Results 

1st Matt Jones

2nd Freddy Pulman

3rd Tom Reynolds 

Round 6 at Schute Woods – Open Results 

1st Zac Rainbow

As the Dirt Wars UK Series has wrapped up their 2017 season we would like to give a huge shout out to the Overall Top 3 Riders in the Pro and Open Class: 

Pro Overall:

1st Tom Isted

2nd Tom Reynolds

3rd Harry Campbell

Open Overall: 

1st Zac Rainbow

2nd Jack Cardy

3rd Josh Venamore 

Since the Dirt Wars UK Series has drawn to a close we would like to congratulation and thank everyone who was involved in making the 8th year so awesome! The Riders, Fans, Organisers, Sponsors have proved that there is not much that can stop the Dirt Wars Crew from pulling off awesome events over and over again. We are already looking forward to the Dirt Wars UK 2018 season.

Check out these shots/the highlight edit from round 6 of Dirt Wars UK below. Click here for the final standings.