October 22, 2015

Paul Basagoitia is an icon in freeride mountain biking and one of the most talented riders of our era. In 2004 Paul came out the gate firing and won the second contest he took part in which happened to be Crankworx Whistler. He later defended his title in 2005 and took gold medals at events like Red Bull District Ride and the Qashqai Challenge series. He was ahead of his time and pushed the progression of the biking scene.

We are deeply saddened by Paul’s accident at Red Bull Rampage 2015, which occurred during his incredible run. Our thoughts and healing vibes go out to Paul and his family. We would also like to thank his close friends and fans for their support during these hard times. In times like this we should unite as a biking community and show our respect to riders like Paul, who put their health or even life on the line for the progression of mountain biking.

We would appeal to all friends of the sport to follow and support Paul’s road to recovery and visit his donation page set up by friends. Please follow this link  to the fundrising road 2 recovery page. 

“The FMBA is committed to supporting the progression of freeride mountain biking – which includes the evaluation of safety measures during FMB licensed events. While the onsite staff at Red Bull Rampage handled his accident professionally and ensured an immediate medical response, it is clear that the sport is growing and rider safety is a primary concern. The FMBA fully supports the #irideforpaul campaign and asks that others do too.” #irideforpaul

His part from iconic NWD 6 movie shows just how ahead of his time Paul was.  

Post linked video: https://youtu.be/ZvsK7qdaph8