Freebird Slopestyle Series Kicks Off Event One of Three

July 15, 2021

Last month, 22 riders made their way to Northfield, New Hampshire to partake in Highland Mountain Bike Park’s first ever Slopestyle Series, and what an event it was.

The first of three FMB Bronze events to come from the Freebird Slopestyle Series was held on June 19, 2021, bringing together a group of enthusiastic athletes looking to make their mark on the mountain biking world.

The conditions held up for the riders, as there was only a touch of wind and not a drop of rain in sight, allowing them to pull out all the stops and make the most of their runs. Hosting 11 features, riders used this Slopestyle course to their full advantage and did not hold back, from the stepdown to the canon log to the satellite dish.

From the Open Women’s Class, the results left us stoked for the future of women in Slopestyle:

  1. Amelia Capuano – 89
  2. Brook Trine – 85
  3. Tania Lillak – 67

From the Open Men’s Class, it was thrilling to see talent come together and compete in the most sportsmanlike manner:

  1. Kaidan Ingersoll – 89
  2. Christian Arehart – 88
  3. Chad Deluca – 81

Kaidan Ingersoll took the win for the Open Men’s Class after laying down a run featuring multiple 360°s, a backflip tail-whip, and a tuck no hander. Here’s what he had to say on his win:

“It was an unreal feeling to take the win here at Highland Mountain Bike Park. I am beyond excited to see what the future holds for the rest of the Freebird Slopestyle Series.”

With the success that this event proved to be, organizers, athletes, and fans alike are beyond excited for events two (August 21, 2021) and three (September 25, 2021) later in the year.

The community has continued to grow exponentially around the Slopestyle course, especially with an Open Women’s Class being introduced at this year’s event. With this, Highland Mountain Bike Park continues to look forward to the future of the Freebird Slopestyle Series and all that is still to come as this event takes off and hosts riders that are eager to impress.