FMBA and Crankworx successfully premiere remote judging using Rawmotion´s new cloud-based scoring service at prestigious Innsbruck Slopestyle event

October 29, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Crankworx Innsbruck organiser required the judging panel to gather virtually and judge the competition runs from their homes in several different countries all over the world.

To solve this challenge, Rawmotion, the long-standing scoring and data service provider of the FMBA, enhanced their existing scoring solution to allow the judges to connect to the scoring system with their personal devices using a public internet connection. It was important to FMBA and Rawmotion that the judges are provided with the exact same scoring experience, functionality and tools they are trained on and familiar with when judging on-site. Rawmotion achieved this by enabling their existing stack of scoring and data service applications to securely connect to server infrastructure on Microsoft’s cloud-computing platform Azure.

Rawmotion supported the transformation from local to remote judging by offering training sessions for the judges and running several integration tests prior to the event. During the event, the Rawmotion operations crew remotely supported the judge team and monitored the technical infrastructure to ensure smooth execution of the Slopestyle competition and the live broadcast on Red Bull TV.

Manuel Bleimuth, CTO at Rawmotion: “Our development team had already started working on the cloud-based scoring service end of May after it became clear that remote production technology will play a major role in the production of sports events during the pandemic and beyond. When the FMBA and the Crankworx organiser approached us about the possibility of remote judging for the Innsbruck event, we were able to quickly respond to this, demonstrate our solution and conduct final tests. We are really happy with the outcome and will offer the cloud-service for clients in other sports as well.”

Darren Kinnaird, Crankworx General Manager and FMBA Board Member: “Having a trusted technology partner like Rawmotion involved, helped us tremendously to respond quickly to the dramatic changes in the market place and deliver a major event like Crankworx Innsbruck despite several severe limitations. It was great to see that Rawmotion had already anticipated the demand for remote solutions early on in the pandemic and started working on solutions. This gave us a head start when the decision was taken to have key event staff like judges work remotely.”