June 11, 2018

We’re stoked to announce that we’ve added a new National Series in addition to Dirt Wars UK; the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour has returned to the FMB World Tour this year and allows German (and international) slopestyle riders to compete for those valuable FMB World Tour points. 

This year, the DFMT is hosting 13 different Contests during 7 weekends for three different levels of riders.

05.05.2018 BOPs Slopestyle Contest PRO, AMATEUR 
09.06.2018 Ride Further Tour PRO
14.07.2018 Dirtpark Belsen Contest Vol.7 PRO, AMATEUR
22.07.2018 Freeride Mountain Riverside Bikegames 2018 PRO, AMATEUR, ROOKIES
18.08.2018 7. Mimo Dirtjam PRO, AMATEUR, ROOKIES 
01.09.2018 Dottendorf Jam Vol. IV PRO, AMATEUR, ROOKIES  
02.09.2018 Woodstone MTB & BMX Contest PRO, AMATEUR

For more information on the DFMT and the National Series, head over to or click up top under the “Events” Tab.