FMB World Tour 2021: Events & Licenses

February 17, 2021

It’s time to wake up from the off-season slumber! Even though 2020 wasn’t everything that we hoped it would be, the Red Bull Rookie of the Year Award capped off another FMB World Tour season with a bit of a highlight, and we’re working on making 2021 as smooth as possible, which means that Event Applications are now open and riders can register for their 2021 License. 

You can’t change what you can’t change so we are looking ahead, in good faith that there will be a 2021 season happening, with great riding from great athletes at great events.

After a one-year hiatus, the FMB World Tour platform is still standing, representing the one and only global stage of professional Freeride Mountain Biking with its athletes and events. Let’s bring back Freeride Mountain Biking to the World!

Event Applications

With your event being part of a global competition circuit every individual piece is becoming much bigger than itself. Riders, events, fans – We are all part of a massive, global and consecutive story about traveling the world, riding, winning, losing and earning a spot on the season’s end rankings. Collectively, we can continue growing the sport and reaching more riders and fans.

REGISTER NOW FOR THE 2021 FMB WT SEASON! The event application for the 2021 Gold, Silver and Bronze events as well as for the FMBA sanctioned National Series is now OPEN.

To apply online please follow this link: or send an email to

Please submit your provisional 2021 event dates already, if you won’t register within the next 4 weeks!

We kindly ask you to submit your provisional event dates for 2021 if you are not ready yet to officially register via the event online application. Knowing the anticipated dates of the events helps us to better schedule the FMB World Tour Calendar and to plan on the 2021 FMB judge availability. Please let us know of your provisional event dates by sending an email to

Take note the event submission will not be considered as binding as we are aware of the uncertainty of the current situation. Filling out the event application form will help to gather all necessary information, display important information on the event calendar , identify potential clashes for 2nd half of the year especially and serve to prepare everything for ready to go once the event is happening.

You can find the FMB World Tour Calendar here:

2021 Rider Licenses

We would like to give you a brief overview on what’s coming up and invite you to reach out to us with your questions and feedback.

1) Athlete License Model & Fees – REGISTER NOW! 

There are two license types in 2021: The FMB World Tour License and the FMB Free Amateur License


  • required for entry in FMB Diamond, Gold and Silver level events (Bronze events are optional)
  • required to be listed on the FMB World Ranking and the SWC Standings
  • includes an individual rider profile on the FMB World Tour website. Athletes can update their sponsors, profile pic and bio information for public display
  • EUR 100,- per year


  • required for entry in Bronze events (FMB World Tour License is valid as well)
  • required to be listed in FMB Amateur Cup Standings 
  • no cost, registration only 

Register here for your 2021 FMB Rider License!

To register for your 2021 License, please log on to the FMBA member management platform and follow the instructions given. If you forgot your member name or password email us at


Take a closer look at the points split HERE

3) Event Calendar

You can find the SWC Events HERE

You can find the FMB World Tour Calendar here: