Epic Moments from Vienna Air King

April 22, 2015

Vienna welcomed back the FMB World Tour Dirt Jump elite with great enthusiasm on April 12th during the 10th anniversary of the Argus Bike Festival. This FMB Silver event is one of those events when fans can catch a glimpse at some of the biggest tricks in the sport this year. The contest itself was not without surprises though. Nicholi Rogatkin became the first athlete to win Saturday’s best trick jam session as well as Sunday’s main event. Young Swede, Max Fedriksson became the first pre-qualifier to podium at Vienna Air King.

It was obvious that with the pressure to throw it down, riders had a decision to make – go big, or go home! Needless to say, they went big, but some of the crowd favorites couldn’t quite bring the landing gear back down to seal a run. Rumors were flying that Antoine Bizet was looking for the double backflip off the step down. Sadly his run was incomplete.

Next up was Sam Pilgrim – the British champ looked cool and collected but also struggled to lay down his desired run from start to finish. Looking for the victory Sam gambled and went big – the bet did not pay off this time.

The two eastern crowd pleasers, Szymon Godziek and Pavel Alekhin put on a great show for the crowd during the Best Trick contest. Szymon through down a world’s first backflip double barspin suicide and Pavel Alekhin got tech with a backflip barspin to tail whip.  Both tricksters could not fend off the young American, Nicholi Rogatkin who won the best trick jam session on Saturday with a massive backflip 360.

At the end of an action packed weekend, a new name appeared on the top of the result list – Max Fedriksson. This talented Swede laid down a clean and solid run, packed with technical combos. Max finished in 3rd place.

Eager to seal his first victory of the season, Belgian rider, Thomas Genon was close to glory but his stylish run, filled with airtime and massive tricks like a 720 landed him in 2nd. Look out Genon fans – the Canyon rider attempted his first ever bikeflip during best trick. This trick could make an appearance later on in the season.

The ultimate champion of the weekend and the new Vienna Air King 2015 is Nicholi Rogatkin. The Americans, run was flawless and included almost all of his signature tricks that have him riding the overall title this season. Congratulations Nicholi!

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