Epic Moments Dirt Wars UK Round 1

June 4, 2015

Although the sun was nowhere to be seen last weekend at Dirt Wars, the wind helped dry off what moister there was on the trails after removing the tarps. Round 1 was good to go!

Both Open and Pro riders took to the jumps and started smashing out all kinds of tricks. After 30minute of warm up, all the riders were on course and the music was pumping out of the truck. First up was the Open riders (amature contest) – then the pro’s would take on qualifying round too. The attendance of riders was pretty good with 17 in Open and 13 in Pro.

After a session of tails-whips, flips, tucks, 360’s the 17 Open riders were cut down to 10 with Jack Ambler, Harry Campbell, Darren Estall, Tristan Bushnell, Jack Cardy, Dan Wagstaff, Ben Nolan, Marcus Gilhooley, Warren Towler and Kerry Pert going through to the finals.

Next up the Pro riders had 15 mins of practice before going into their qualifying runs. You could see all the riders were real pumped and ready to open their trick bags to ensure they got their spot in the finals. The 13 riders were being cut down to 8.

After 15 mins of practice the riders took to the start tower and first to drop in was Alfie Stevens and you could see that the level of riding in the Pro class was going to be awesome.

First place unarguably went to Holdshott local and trails crew member Ryan Nangle. His top-scoring run started with a 360 drop into a tail whip over the first hip. Dumped 360 table on the 2nd to flip whip on the 3rd and finishing with a 360-downside tailwhip.

Second place went to another past Dirt Wars series champ, Ray Samson. Clinical execution, consistency and trick variety are some of Ray’s strengths. His run started by tabling the drop into a backflip on the first hip. Tuck no hander flip the 2nd, big super seat-grab on the 3rd and a flip-whip to finish.

Matt Jones taking 3rd with a score just behind Ray. Like Ryan 360-ing the drop and whipping the hip, Matt’s run continued with dumped 360, to 360 tail whip and a tuck 360 to finish.

Full results click here.

Dirt Wars UK would like to thank all who attended, Riders, Spectators and Dirt Wars Crew.

Massive thank you to DMR Bikes, S4P Crew and Monster Energy for helping out on the day.

That’s round 1 out the way, on to round 2 @Porc on the 21st June 2015. See You There!

All details of round 2 can be found on Dirt Wars UK website www.dirtwarsuk.com.