Double or Nothing for Antoine Bizet

June 16, 2015

All day Antoine Bizet geared up for the run of his season and when it came down to the line, the Frenchman rode for glory in Bikepark Leogang at the FMB World Tour Gold event, 26TRIX during the Out of Bounds Festival. Knocked off the top spot in the last moment, Nicholi Rogatkin is satisfied with his second place and winning the GoPro Best Trick. Combo master, Thomas Genon takes third place on the podium.

Podium 26TRIX by Szymon Nieborak

The crowds, 4000 strong, showed amazing amounts of stoke as the wind delayed the contest but when it calmed down, the action was back and the 10th edition of this historic dirt jump contest was on!

Antoine Bizet by RichKPhotography

Ever since his double back flip tuck no-hand last year, Antoine Bizet is a crowd favorite here in the Austrian bike resort. Practice looked good and his run was on point, but sitting in 4th place after both final runs meant that his last hope of success was a third super final attempt. The crowd amped up the atmosphere and his winning run featured a cashroll, flatspin x-up, double backflip, backflip-360, barspin on the hip and front flip no hand on the last booter.

Nicholi has been on the top of his game from the start of the season and his performance at 26TRIX was no different. Consistent, well-executed tricks meant that he was the man to beat in today’s finals. Confident that his run would keep him in first place, he kept the score from his first run. The gamble didn’t pay off this time, but despite settling for second, he his happy with his result. Nicholi’s run featured a cashroll, tailwhip to barspin, double tailwhip, backflip-360, barspin and front flip barspin to finish. In addition to standing on the podium, Nicholi’s front flip barspin also won him the GoPro Best Trick contest.

Nicholi Rogatkin by Szymon Nieborak

On the other side of the podium is Thomas Genon. The Belgian rider is no stranger to the podium and although it was not his ultimate run, a backflip- 360, 360 downside whip, massive 360 invert, 360 tailwhip, tailwhip on the hip and stylish truckdriver to table was enough to secure third.

Thomas Genon by Szymon Nieborak

Still eager to claim a victory in Leogang, Sam Reynolds finished fourth, just ahead of Tom van Steenbergen. Taking fifth, the Canadian will claim the event wildcard for the next FMB Diamond Event, Swatch Prime Line in Munich on June 27th. The full results are available on the event page.

Apart from the 10th anniversary, 26TRIX celebrated the participation of BMX legend Ryan Nyquist (USA), who entered his first dirt jump contest on a mountain bike. The 36-years old multi-time X Games medalist flew in from the US after just competing at X Games Austin last week. His Leogang adventure began with pre-qualis, which he won ahead of the Russian Pavel Alekhin. Later that afternoon, Nyquist first run wasn’t enough to make it to the finals and unfortunately he crashed on a flip double barspin in his second run. The spectators were pleased to see Ryan ride in Leogang and the mountain bikers hope to welcome him again at more contests. Check out his GoPro POV run from training on the 26TRIX Facebook page

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