DMR Dirt Wars UK Round 5 Recap

September 17, 2015

Our penultimate round 5 was held at Holdshott Trails in Hampshire on the 6th of September and what an amazing day it was with blazing sunshine. Awesome trails and a level of riding that has really superseded what we expected from this year. Open Riders were up first for their qualies with 12 in the group it was going to be a tight round as at least 6 of these riders are fighting for top 5 overall in the series.

Although only Jack Ambler was tricking the drop the riders were really using the course well and throwing together some really decent runs, Rich Hemingray (The Table Top Master) was cruising through the line in his normal style popping the sweetest tables all over the course whilst Ben Nolan was out to pull a few new tricks he’d been working on at the Holdshott Jam the day before.

With the Open riders out the way the Pro riders hit up the course and started to smash big banger tricks out one after the other. Nangle pulling sevbombs (720s) Matt Scott trying to pull sevbombs mid course. Alfie Stephens came out with super smooth 3 downside whips on the last and Freddy Pullmans front flips were almost through the tree tops.

Harry Campbell managed to pull a frontflip tuck no hander which left him with an ear to ear smile, Cam Crozier 3bar and flipbar were to perfection as was Jack amblers Downside Tailwhip over the hip.

With all the othert finalists 360ing off the drop local boy and Holdshott 3 times winner Ryan Nangle decided to do it the opposite way then shut a sevbomb down on the last. Alfie stephens chucked a double tailwhip in mid set whilst Matt Jones decided on a super flip.

1st Ryan Nangle  Oppo 3 Drop, Tailwhip, Barrel Table, Flipwhip, 720

2nd Freddy Pullman 3 Drop, Downside Whip, 360 tuck, Flip Bar to Tuck, Front Flip

3rd Alfie Stephens  3 Drop, Invert Table, 3 Whip, Double Whip, 3 Downside Whip

4th  Matt Jones  3 Drop, 270 Barspin, Flip Tuck, SuperFlip, 360 Tuck to Bar

5th Daryl Brown  3 Drop, Tuck, FlipTuck, 360 Double Bar, Decade

A massive thank you to all the riders and spectators for bearing with us on the day whist we sorted the technical issues and we will see you all at the Cycle Show for the final round (Round 6) on the 26th of September. Huge Thank You to the Mandry Family and Holdshott Locals for allowing us to use the venue and to the Dirt Wars Crew, Monster Energy Crew, All Sponsors, Ryan Nangle and Andrew Alexander (Film Crew) and Chris Greenwood for the photography.