Dirt Wars UK – Round 2

June 11, 2017

This is such a cool edit from Dirt Wars UK – Round 2 at the Holshott Trails in the UK. If it dosen’t make you want to hop on that bike and throw some shapes, then what will? Round 3 is coming up on July 9 at NASS festival. Head here for more info!

DMR Dirtwars headed to Hampshire for the second round of the event, hosted by the rider favourite of Holdshott Trails. Dirtwars runs on two lines at Holdshott, they start at the same place with a flat drop into a big left hand hip before dividing. The Open/Amateurs branch heads into ‘Comp Line’ consisting of two big, dirt to dirt doubles and finishing with a kicker onto mulch. The Pros are lead right into the ‘Slope Line’ hitting a speed/set up jump before launching off the boner log, up and down the whale tale structure before hitting the final kicker to mulch double.

1)     Jack Cardy: Suicide, tuck, 3table, 3whip.

2)     Tristan Bushnell: Bar-spin, back flip, Tuck no-hands, Flip tuck.

3)     Zac Rainbow: Table Drop, One Foot,Toboggan , Back Flip Table, Front Flip

1)     Tom Cardy: 360, Tailwhip, Barspin, 3-Whip, Tuck, 360 Can, 720

2)     Tom Isted: -, 450, Flip, Tuck, Barrel Roll, Superflip

3)     Cameron Crozier: 360, Tuck, Double Truck, Tuck, 360, Double Tailwhip

Words and pictures by Chris Greenwood (@cagreenwood)

Post linked YouTube link: https://youtu.be/z7MibiGT2fk