Dirt Wars kicked-off in Style

May 25, 2018

After a long old winter it was time for the riders to dust off their trick bags and get ready for the first of 6 rounds of this year’s Rose Bikes Dirt Wars UK, an FMBA sanctioned National Series. Chicksands was first on the list and as always the jumps didn’t fail to impress. Chicksands Bike Park is set in woodland in Bedfordshire and has been around since square wheels and is ran and maintained by the Chicksands bike park crew. A great contest in near perfect weather conditions saw some worthy winners climb the podium. The story of the day may have been 9-year-old Finlay Davis though, who came to ride and compete in the open round. Without wanting to disappoint the kid, the organizers upped the insurance and made it possbile for Finlay to take it to the dirt on his bike. The young gun even managed to come in 4th place. Well done, Finlay! Well done, Dirt Wars!

Open Round

1st Rhys Pryce Griffiths – barspin, suicide, 360, oppo 360
2nd Jake Kennedy – x-up, barspin to x-up, 360, truck Driver
3rd Aiden McMillan – ET, flip, tuck no hander, 360

Click here for the “open round” full results.

Pro Round

1st Alex Cahill – barspin, backflip barspin, tailwhip to barspin, 3 downwhip
2nd Freddy Pulman – barspin, truck driver, backflip tuck no hander, 360 tailwhip
3rd Sam Hodgson – tuck no hander, backflip cancan, superman seat grab, double tailwhip

Click here for the full “pro round” results.

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