Crankworx Premiere in Les Gets

June 16, 2016

We are ready! The second FMB Diamond Event is casting its shadow and we are stoked to be in Les Gets this weekend! The course is brand new and a stunner. Be sure to watch all the action! Red Bull TV is broadcasting live on Saturday from 4.30 pm CEST / 7.30 am PDT.

5,000m3 of dirt were needed to create the new slopestlye course for the coming weekend. 18 of the best FMB athletes will have to conquer the following obstacles in order to have a chance to win the title in France this weekend: The pros start off riding an eight to ten meter (25-35ft.) high North Shore ladder through the alpine woods, before sending a four-meter (12ft.) drop into the course. After generating speed a six-meter (20ft.) long log ride leads to a hip jump into the dirt jump section of the course. Two doubles provide lots of airtime for the biggest tricks to be sent by the world’s best athletes, before a combination of a hip jump and step-up will challenge their riding skills. Hampl sees this as a possible tiebreaker: “Yes, the combination will test the athletes’ abilities and precision. It’s a steep landing and you have to land it precisely to hit the step-up perfectly. But I have no doubt that they will manage.” Following the step-up the slopestyle stars will face a curved wall ride and step-down, before sending it over the last big double into the finishing area. “We’re really stoked about the course. Everything is safely built and gives tons of opportunity for big tricks. That was our aim, to build a course, where the riders, would feel comfortable.”

“The weather made it nearly impossible due to constant rain, but we are ready and just waiting for the sun to break through the clouds, so we can test it, before the pros arrive,” says a happy and relieved Markus Hampl, part of a team of eleven course builders, who have been preparing the course in the past five weeks. However the weather has been playing up again in the past hours. So far, the schedule has stayed as planned.

Tune in live to Crankworx Les Gets on June 18th at 4.30 pm CEST / 7.30 am PDT online at Red Bull TV, download the app or connect via your Smart TV. Check out more on-site photos here.