Carson Storch: Returning to the Scene of Victory

July 25, 2016

When Carson Storch drops into the slopestyle course in the Winter Park Resort for qualification this Friday it will be 369 days since sending his victorious run at the Colorado Freeride Festival last year. This year he will not only be riding for glory, but also for one of two FMB Wildcard for Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler. They will be awarded to the two best ranked riders during the Maxxis Slopestyle Event this coming weekend, who have not yet qualified for the last Diamond Series Event of the season. The 23-year-old American took some time to talk with us about the upcoming challenge, the importance of the Colorado Freeride Festival and “the Super Bowl of slopestyle”.

Carson, so far you have taken part in three Austrian Events on the FMB World Tour and you were in Rotorua. How happy are you with your season so far?
I have had a super productive and fun year outside of competing so far. I wish I had done better at Crankworx Rotorua. I didn’t quite get the run I wanted to put down. All of the European events have been rad as well.

This is the first North American Gold Event of the season. How important are American Events to you?
Well, being that Colorado Freeride Festival is literally the only slope contest in the US, it’s very important and prestigious in my eyes. It’s the only shot at competition a bunch of really talented guys have, so it’s always a banger contest. I’m stoked to be apart of it again.

You surely have fond memories of the Colorado Freeride Festival after winning last year. What did you like about the course in Winter Park Resort?
I sure do, still can’t believe I won last year. Tom and Kelly did such a great job creating a course, that is truly slopestyle. It was so flowy, big, and fun to ride. This course and NZ are the best courses out there in my opinion!

How important is it to you to be riding in front of an American crowd next weekend?
It definitely feels good to throw down in my own country, since I spend so much time competing elsewhere. USA, USA!

What are the chances of you reaching the podium for the first time this season?
I feel confident, I can make it happen. I’m excited for this one. Although the contest is guaranteed to be a heavy one, with so many good riders from Canada, Europe, and the US competing.

Two FMB Wildcards for Red Bull Joyride are up for grabs. You may be on the brink of qualification, so Maxxis Slopestyle is a pretty big event for you personally, isn’t it?
For sure a big event for me personally. Coming off of a win last year and wanting so badly to be in Red Bull Joyride again, I really want to snag one of the wildcards. It’s a tough sport, and last year I got injured in practice at Joyride. So, I didn’t get my chance to prove myself and secure points to be in this year.

What makes Red Bull Joyride so unique, that you just have to be there?
It’s the Super Bowl of slopestyle, and by far the most prestigious and viewed contest, aside from Red Bull Rampage.

Thanks for taking the time and good luck!

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