Bike Days Photo Story

May 4, 2015

The Silver level event was once again on the FMB calendar and a massive line came out to rock the dirt jump course in Solothun, Switzerland.

Nicholi Rogatkin Bike Days

Nicholi Rogatkins main focus this year is the FMB Diamond Series and winning the overall world title. But to get there, practice makes perfect and young American came to Bike Days to throw down an awesome run and take another win this season. You can watch his full run here.

Matt Jones Tuck Nohand Bike Days

Next on the block was the UK ripper, Matt Jones. Another young gun who has high hopes of sealing a solid season this year. Matt will certainly be happy to stand up on the podium in second at Bike Days.

Szymon Godziek Backflip Bike Days

In third was the Polish trickster, Szymon Godziek. Prooving more and more often that he is more than a one hit wonder, at Bike Days Szymon laid down a clean line with techincal and massive tricks to take the last spot on the podium.

Xavier Pasamonte Bike Days

Xavier “Sherwy” Pasamonte is one of the most positive guys in the sport – and when his run placed him in 4th place, the spanish shredder had to rock out for the crowd!

Nicholas Hilton DownsideWhip Bike Days

Another North America rider, Nicholas Hilton was the suprise of the day in Solothun as he leaped ahead of some big names to take 5th. 

Tomas Zejda tail whip Bike Days

Mr Click Click Click, Tomas Zejda from the Czech Republic was as techincal as ever, but his run could only land him outside of the top 5 in sixth place. 

Celebrations Bike Days

Bike Days was a massive event and at the end of it all, the celebrations were well deserved and the riders were stoked to be a part of it.

Podium Bike Days 2015

You can see the full results here.