Big White Invitational Slopestyle 2019: Results & Recap

July 18, 2019

Coming back for it’s second edition with a bigger line-up of riders, bigger tricks and a heavy dose of send, the 2019 edition of the Big White Invitational by Tom van Steenbergen certainly delivered the goods. Only a week after GlemmRide Slopestyle, Big White is part of a Triple Header of Heavy Sends, finished off by the Fox US Open of Mountainbiking, which takes place this upcoming weekend. 

After scoring a second place at GlemmRide Slopestyle 2019, Emil Johansson rose to the occassion and secured the top step of the podium with a technical, banger filled first run, which netted him an astronomical 95.66 points, almost 5 points ahead of 2nd place Nicholi Rogatkin. With a total of 8 trickable features, Big White is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, FMB World Tour Gold Event course.

Dropping in with a 360 Invert Turndown to Barspin, Johansson followed it up immediately with a big Truck Driver to Downside Tailwhip, a steezy 720 and a Opposite Double Tailwhip. The second half of the course was filled with even more huge tricks: an Opposite 360 Tailwhip, a 360 Tailwhip to Barspin, a Backflip Double Tailwhip to Barspin, finishing it all with a 540. 

Nicholi Rogatkin – who has had a season of ups and downs so far, managed to climb back on the podium in 2nd place, ahead of Erik Fedko, scoring a clean 91.00. 

Tricks: Fastplant 360, Double Tailwhip, Cork 720, Cash Roll, a Cash Roll on the step-up, a Cork 720 on the step-down, his signature Twister and a 540. 

After a 3rd place finish at GlemmRide, Erik Fedko followed up his podium performance with another one, scoring an 89.33 and showing that he’s finding consistency and it will be interesting to see how he continues. 

Tricks: Truck Driver, Truck Driver to Tailwhip, Backflip Superman Seat Grab, 360 Tailwhip, 360 Downside Tailwhip, Backflip Tuck No Hander, 360 Indian Seat Grab, 540 Double Barspin. 


  1. Emil Johansson 95.66
  2. Nicholi Rogatkin 91.00
  3. Erik Fedko 89.33
  4. Lucas Huppert 87.66
  5. Owen Marks 85.66
  6. David Lieb 84.33
  7. Timothe Bringer 83.30
  8. Anthony Messere 83.00 
  9. Braden Barrett-Hay 82.33
  10. Carson Storch 81.66
  11. Griffin Paulson 80.33
  12. Reed Boggs 80.00

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