ASS 2017 DMR Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series Round 3

July 14, 2017

The NASS Festival (National Adventure Sports Show) has been going on since the late 90’s and Dirt Wars UK has had the pleasure of running the mountain bike dirt jump contests there for the last 4 years. Ok so 2 of those years we have had to go off qualifying results or cancel due to the shocking British weather, but not this year as this had to be the hottest NASS on record!

After two days of perfect weather the sunshine was blazing down on the gurning festival goers as all the riders arrived at the jumps ready for the finals and to see who walked away with this year’s NASS crown. The level of riding was huge and it was obvious that some pretty big bangers were going to be thrown down. Jack Cardy and Callum Sherwood from Radical Bike Park stole the show during the open competition for the AMs. They tricked everything on course, apart from the step down, which even the pros didnt trick. With Jack barspinning up the step-up and Callum throwing suicides up it, it was clear the main battle was between these two guys. With all 3 runs out the way, the top three results and runs from the Open/AM Comp were as follows. check out the full results here.

1st Jack Cardy 
2nd Callum Sherwood
3rd Kerry Pert 

With practice out of the way it was time to turn the riding level up to the maximum and show the crowd what the pros were really capable of. Pioneer rider Cam Crozier was out to prove he has what it takes to mix it with the sponsored riders popping downwhips on the first and huge frontflips on the last proving he really does have the skills to get a sponsorship deal and stay in pro class.

Tom Cardy was fresh off the win from round 2 and wasn’t going to let anyone take the win off him for round 3 either; executing a flawless 450 whip on the first then a perfect tailwhip on the quarter although Alex Cahill was snapping at his heals, throwing out decades on the first and tripple trucks on the last. It was a shame Alex never got the run he wanted as he pulled a double tailwhip on the second jump in his last run, but went off course and was unable to continue his run. Once all the runs were out the way the judges tallied up the scores it was time to announce the winners.

1st Tom Cardy
2nd Alex Cahill
3rd Cameron Crozier

Check out the full results from the Pros here. For more information about the Dirt Wars UK National series click here.