David Godziek


Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20231stO Marisquino (M)---
20238thRed Bull Joyride (M)---
20231stRed Bull Roof Ride (M)---
20232ndCrankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle (M)---
20231stHorsefeathers Iron Town Session 2023 (M/W)---
20232ndCrankworx Cairns Slopestyle (M)---
20232ndMaxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza---
20226thMaxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza (M)---
20224thRed Bull District Ride (M)---
202212thRed Bull Joyride (M)---
20221stBig White Invitational - Hosted by Tom van Steenbergen (M)---
20221stTitle Slopestyle at SilverStar Bike Park (M)---
20221stEurobike Skyline Ride (M)---
20224thCrankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle (M)---
20221stBirell BikeFest (M/W)---
20213rdCrankworx BC Slopestyle---
20211stRed Bull Roof Ride---
202110thRed Bull Copenride---
202012thCrankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle---
202013thMaxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza---
20201stGarmin Winter Sports Festival---
202014thFinal Standings - 2020 Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship Standings---
20191stEurobike Action Area 2019---
20193rdRed Bull Joyride---
20191stGlemmRide Slopestyle Contest---
20193rdCrankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle---
20191stSwatch Rocket Air---
20191stGarmin Winter Sports Festival---
20196thFinal Standings - 2019 Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship Standings---
20181stAlter Sport Festival---
20181stCropp Baltic Games---
20183rdO Marisquino---
201816thFISE Montpellier 2018---
20181stPrzemysl Bike Town Festival---
20185thSwatch Rocket Air---
20181stDiverse NIGHT of the JUMPs---
20101stPisek Slopestyle---
20106thLublin Off the Track---
201027thAustria King of Dirt---
201010thMongoose Slopestyle at iXS DirtMasters---
201016thVienna Air King---