Freddy Pulman

United Kingdom

Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20225th2022 DWUK R5 The GT Malverns Classic MTB Festival Slopestyle---
20222nd2022 DWUK R3 Freddys Yard Slopestyle---
20223rd2022 DWUK R1 Chicksands Bike Park---
20198thDirt Wars Round 7 - Pro---
20191stDirt Wars Round 6 - Pro---
20191stDirt Wars Round 5 - Pro---
20192ndDirt Wars Round 2 - Pro---
201943rdSwatch Rocket Air---
20197thFinal Standings - 2019 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
20181stRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 6 - Pro---
20181stRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 5 - Pro---
201813thO Marisquino---
20183rdRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 4 - Pro---
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 3 - Pro---
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 2 - Pro---
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 1 - Pro---
201822ndSwatch Rocket Air---
201811thAir To The Throne---
201815thWhite Style---
20181stFinal Standings - 2018 Rose Bikes Dirt Wars PRO---
20172ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 - Pro---
20174thDMR Dirt Wars Round 5 - Pro---
20175thDMR Dirt Wars Round 4 - Pro---
20176thDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 - Pro---
201719thAir To The Throne---
20176thWhite Style---
201749thFinal Standings - 2017 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20175thFinal Standings - 2017 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
201750thFinal Standings - 2017 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
20161stDMR DirtWars Round 5---
20162ndSwamp Gravity---
20167thDMR DirtWars Round 4---
20164thDMR DirtWars Round 3---
201620thGlemmRide Slopestyle---
20161stDMR DirtWars Round 2---
20163rdDMR DirtWars Round 1---
201640thSwatch Rocket Air---
201618thWhite Style---
201642ndFinal Standings - 2016 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20161stFinal Standings - 2016 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
201644thFinal Standings - 2016 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
20154thDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 The Cycle Show---
20157thMacedonia X-Treme---
20152ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 5---
20153rdDMR Dirt Wars Round 4---
201520thArnette O«Marisquino XV---
20153rdDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 NASS Festival---
201521stGlemmRide Slopestyle---
20151stDMR Dirt Wars Round 2---
20156thDMR Dirt Wars Round 1---
201541stFinal Standings - 2015 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20151stFinal Standings - 2015 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
20141stSwamp Gravity---
20148thJack Gear Invitational---
20147thThe DMR Dirt Wars---
20142ndFinal Standings - 2014 FMB AM Cup Standings Europe---
201460thFinal Standings - 2014 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20136thJack Gear Invitational---