Daryl Brown

United Kingdom

Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20175thDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 - Pro---
201715thFISE World Montpellier---
20171stDMR Dirt Wars Round 1 - Pro---
201725thSwatch Rocket Air---
201715thAir To The Throne---
20179thFinal Standings - 2017 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
201747thFinal Standings - 2017 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
201751stFinal Standings - 2017 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
201613thFISE World Chengdu---
201616thGlemmRide Slopestyle---
20161stDMR DirtWars Round 1---
20166thFISE World Montpellier---
201611thSwatch Rocket Air---
201611thWhite Style---
20169thFinal Standings - 2016 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
201631stFinal Standings - 2016 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
201632ndFinal Standings - 2016 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
20151stDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 The Cycle Show---
20154thMacedonia X-Treme---
20155thDMR Dirt Wars Round 5---
20151stDMR Dirt Wars Round 4---
20153rdArnette O«Marisquino XV---
201510thMaxxis Slopestyle---
20152ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 NASS Festival---
20159thGlemmRide Slopestyle---
20152ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 2---
201512thDirt Masters Slopestyle---
201511thFISE World Montpellier---
20157thVienna Air King---
20153rdWhite Style---
201532ndFinal Standings - 2015 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20152ndFinal Standings - 2015 DMR Dirt Wars PRO---
20141stFise World China---
201416thRed Bull District Ride---
20142ndJack Gear Invitational---
20143rdThe DMR Dirt Wars---
20148thSwatch Prime Line Munich---
201410thFise World Andorra---
20149thSwatch Rocket Air---
201419thVienna Air King---
201414thWhite Style---
201427thFinal Standings - 2014 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
201426thFinal Standings - 2014 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20133rdO MARISQUINO---
20132ndJack Gear Invitational---
201310thAdidas Ride The Sky---
20132ndNS Bikes Slopestyle---
20134thSKS Slopestyle at iXS Dirt Masters Festival---
201316thFISE Slopestyle Montpellier---
20134thBike Days Solothurn---
201321stSwatch Rocket Air---
201316thVienna Air King---
201327thFinal Standings - 2013 FMB World Tour Overall---
201224thFISE Slopestyle Montpellier---
20118thFISE Slopestyle Montpellier---
20108thFISE Slopestyle Montpellier---
201028thVienna Air King---