Szymon Godziek *


Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20236thRed Bull Joyride (M)---
20234thRed Bull Roof Ride (M)---
20226thCrankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle (M)---
20213rdRed Bull Roof Ride---
20212ndRed Bull Copenride---
20185thAlter Sport Festival---
201811thRed Bull Joyride---
201814thCrankworx Les Gets Slopestyle---
20188thCrankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle presented by Kenda---
20182ndPrzemysl Bike Town Festival---
201813thCrankworx Rotorua Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza---
201811thFinal Standings - 2018 Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship Standings---
20173rdRed Bull District Ride---
20177thRed Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler---
20174thCrankworx Innsbruck 2017---
20173rdCrankworx Les Gets 2017---
20174thFISE World Montpellier---
20171stDiverse NIGHT of the JUMPs---
20174thWhite Style---
20173rdFinal Standings - 2017 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
20174thFinal Standings - 2017 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
201612thRed Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler---
20167thGlemmRide Slopestyle---
20169thSwatch Prime Line at Munich Mash---
20161stLublin Sportival---
20165thFISE World Montpellier---
201613thSwatch Rocket Air---
201613thCrankworx Rotorua Slopestyle---
20161stWhite Style---
201610thFinal Standings - 2016 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
201613thFinal Standings - 2016 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20151stWombat Dirt Jumping Cup Warszawa---
201518thCrankworx Les2Alpes Slopestyle---
20151stWombat Dirt Jumping Cup Wodzislaw Slaski---
20157thSwatch Prime Line---
20153rdWombat Dirt Jumping Cup Rybnik---
20153rdFISE World Montpellier---
20154thBike Days---
20156thSwatch Rocket Air---
201513thVienna Air King---
20151stWhite Style---
20151stFinal Standings - 2015 Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup Standings---
201517thFinal Standings - 2015 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
201517thFinal Standings - 2015 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
201411thRed Bull Rampage---
20145thRed Bull District Ride---
20149thBearclaw Invitational---
201415thRed Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler---
20145thCrankworx Les2Alpes Slopestyle---
20147thFise World Montpellier---
20144thBike Town Przemysl Festival---
2014thSwatch Rocket Air---
20142ndVienna Air King---
201412thHall of Dirt---
201419thWhite Style---
20147thFinal Standings - 2014 FMB Factory Team Ranking---
20145thFinal Standings - 2014 FMB Diamond Series Standings---
20131stAdidas Ride The Sky---
20132ndAdrenaline City Cup---
20135thRed Bull Berg Line---
20134thFISE Slopestyle Montpellier---
20136thSwatch Rocket Air---
201318thVienna Air King---
201316thFinal Standings - 2013 FMB World Tour Overall---
201214thColorado Freeride Festival---
20127thClaymore Challenge---
201212thCrankworx Les2Alpes Slopestyle---
201218thRed Bull Berg Line---
201216thFISE Slopestyle Montpellier---
20124thVienna Air King---
201215thFinal Standings - 2012 FMB World Tour Overall---
20111stGo Big or Go Home at ISPO BIKE---
20112ndDirt Town Jelenia Gora---
20118thSKS Slopestyle at iXS DirtMasters---
20112ndRocket Air---
20118thVienna Air King---
201121stFinal Standings - 2011 FMB World Tour Overall---
20103rdPisek Slopestyle---
20107thBig in Bavaria---
20101stLublin Off the Track---
20103rdMonster Dirt Contest at Balaton Bikefest---
20103rdAustria King of Dirt---
20105thMongoose Slopestyle at iXS DirtMasters---
20109thVienna Air King---
201023rdFinal Standings - 2010 FMB World Tour Overall---