Date Competition Nation Category Discipline Status
11 Apr 2010 Vienna Air King AUT SILV DJ Completed
16 May 2010 FISE Slopestyle Montpellier FRA BRON SS Completed
23 May 2010 Mongoose Slopestyle at iXS DirtMasters GER BRON SS Completed
29 May 2010 Austria King of Dirt AUT BRON DJ Completed
06 Jun 2010 TEVA Mountain Games USA SILV SS Completed
13 Jun 2010 Monster Dirt Contest at Balaton Bikefest HUN BRON DJ Completed
26 Jun 2010 26TRIX AUT GOLD DJ Completed
03 Jul 2010 Lublin Off the Track POL BRON DJ Completed
04 Jul 2010 Chatel Mountain Style FRA GOLD BM Completed
11 Jul 2010 Goatstyle CAN SILV SS Completed
11 Jul 2010 Bikeradar GBR SILV DJ Completed
11 Jul 2010 Air Strike at Dakine Freeride Festival AUT BRON SS Completed
17 Jul 2010 Claymore Challenge USA GOLD SS Completed
25 Jul 2010 Big in Bavaria GER GOLD DJ Completed
01 Aug 2010 Crankworx Colorado USA GOLD SS Completed
15 Aug 2010 Monster Energy Slopestyle at Kokanee Crankworx CAN DIAM SS Completed
25 Sep 2010 Pisek Slopestyle CZE BRON SS Completed
03 Oct 2010 Red Bull Rampage USA DIAM BM Completed