26 Mar Highline Mountain Bike Festival (M)AUSSilverSScomplete
26 Mar Highline Mountain Bike Festival (W)AUSBronzeSScomplete
15 May Züri Dirt Contest (M/W)SUISilverSScomplete
15 May ROYAL Rumble (M)USABronzeSScomplete
28 May Fyrhuset Bikefight (M)SWEBronzeDJcomplete
29 May DWUK R1 Chicksands Bike ParkGBRBronzeDJcomplete
05 Jun OutdoorMix Festival (M)FRABronzeDJcomplete
04 Jun Birell BikeFest (M/W)SVKSilverSScomplete
04 Jun Swiss Dirt King Steffisburg (M/W)SUIBronzeDJcomplete
18 Jun Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle (M)AUTDiamondSScomplete
18 Jun Freebird Slopestyle Series - Stop 1 (M/W)USABronzeSScomplete
26 Jun DWUK R2 Radical Bike ParkGBRBronzeDJcomplete
10 Jul DWUK R3 Freddys Yard SlopestyleGBRBronzeSScomplete
17 Jul Eurobike Skyline Ride (M)GERGoldSScomplete
23 Jul Big Air SlopeParty (M/W)AUSBronzeDJcomplete
31 Jul Title Slopestyle at SilverStar Bike Park (M)CANGoldSScomplete
30 Jul Davos Dirt Jam (M/W)SUIBronzeDJcomplete
31 Jul DWUK R4 RW2.0GBRBronzeDJcomplete
06 Aug Big White Invitational - Hosted by Tom van Steenbergen (M)CANGoldSScomplete
04 Aug Big White Freeride Days (M/W)CANBronzeSScomplete
13 Aug Red Bull Joyride (M)CANDiamondSScomplete
12 Aug About You Pangea Festival (M)GERBronzeDJcomplete
14 Aug O Marisquino (M)ESPGoldDJcomplete
20 Aug Freebird Slopestyle Series - Stop 2 (M/W)USABronzeSScomplete
28 Aug DWUK R5 The GT Malverns Classic MTB Festival SlopestyleGBRBronzeSScomplete
27 Aug Muret Bike Show (M)FRASilverDJcomplete
02 Sep Sentiers du Moulin Slopestyle (M/F)CANBronzeSScomplete
03 Sep Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam (M/W)CANBronzeDJcomplete
03 Sep Red Bull District Ride (M)GERDiamondSScomplete
10 Sep Hucken Berries Bike Jam (M/W)CANBronzeDJcomplete
10 Sep KMC Dirt-Wies Ride (M)GERBronzeSScomplete
10 Sep 4 Bikes Festival (M)GERSilverDJcomplete
10 Sep Mimotrails Dirtjam (M/W)GERBronzeDJcomplete
18 Sep Kooralbyn MTB Festival (M/W)AUSBronzeDJcomplete
24 Sep Freebird Slopestyle Series - Stop 3 (M/W)USABronzeSScomplete
26 Sep DWUK R6 Chicksands bike parkGBRBronzeSScomplete
08 Oct Crankworx Cairns Slopestyle (M)AUSDiamondSSupcoming
12 Nov Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza (M)NZLDiamondSSupcoming
19 Nov AST GF Stop 3 (M/W)AUSBronzeDJupcoming