Pawel Turno


Rank History

Year Rank Series
201518th2015 Wombat Dirt Jumping Cup Standings

Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20156thWombat Dirt Jumping Cup WarszawaPOLBRON90
201318thBalaton Bike FestHUNBRON106.05
201318thBalaton Bike FestHUNBRON36.3
201316thAdidas Ride The SkyPOLBRON42
201316thAdidas Ride The SkyPOLBRON112.95
201310thNS Bikes SlopestylePOLBRON66.3
201310thNS Bikes SlopestylePOLBRON143.43
201130thRocket AirSUISILV151.2
20108thLublin Off the TrackPOLBRON157.78
20105thMonster Dirt Contest at Balaton BikefestHUNBRON185
201011thMongoose Slopestyle at iXS DirtMastersGERBRON137.15