Freddy Pulman


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Rank History

Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20225thDWUK R5 The GT Malverns Classic MTB Festival SlopestyleGBRBRON98.4
20222ndDWUK R3 Freddys Yard SlopestyleGBRBRON135
20223rdDWUK R1 Chicksands Bike ParkGBRBRON120
20198thDirt Wars Round 7 - ProGBRBRON76.8
20191stDirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON150
20191stDirt Wars Round 5 - ProGBRBRON150
20192ndDirt Wars Round 2 - ProGBRBRON135
201943rdSwatch Rocket AirSUIGOLD68.64
20181stRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON150
20181stRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 5 - ProGBRBRON150
201813thO MarisquinoESPGOLD211.2
20183rdRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 4 - ProGBRBRON120
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 3 - ProGBRBRON135
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 2 - ProGBRBRON135
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 1 - ProGBRBRON135
201822ndSwatch Rocket AirSUIGOLD114
201811thAir To The ThroneGBRBRON61.5
201815thWhite StyleAUTSILV90.6
20172ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON135
20174thDMR Dirt Wars Round 5 - ProGBRBRON108
20175thDMR Dirt Wars Round 4 - ProGBRBRON98.4
20176thDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 - ProGBRBRON90
201719thAir To The ThroneGBRSILV67.8
20176thWhite StyleAUTSILV180
20161stDMR DirtWars Round 5GBRBRON150
20162ndSwamp GravityFRABRON135
20167thDMR DirtWars Round 4GBRBRON82.8
20164thDMR DirtWars Round 3GBRBRON108
201620thGlemmRide SlopestyleAUTGOLD106
20161stDMR DirtWars Round 2GBRBRON150
20163rdDMR DirtWars Round 1GBRBRON120
201640thSwatch Rocket AirSUIGOLD60.8
201618thWhite StyleAUTSILV60.5
20154thDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 The Cycle ShowGBRBRON108
20157thMacedonia X-TremeMKDSILV138
20152ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 5GBRBRON135
20153rdDMR Dirt Wars Round 4GBRBRON120
201520thArnette O«Marisquino XVESPSILV53
20153rdDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 NASS FestivalGBRBRON120
201521stGlemmRide SlopestyleAUTSILV50
20151stDMR Dirt Wars Round 2GBRBRON150
20156thDMR Dirt Wars Round 1GBRBRON90
20141stSwamp GravityFRABRON150
20148thJack Gear InvitationalGBRBRON76.8
20147thThe DMR Dirt WarsGBRBRON82.8
20136thJack Gear InvitationalGBRBRON90
20136thJack Gear InvitationalGBRBRON175