Alfie Stephens


Dartmoor | Slam 69

Rank History

Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20224thBig White Freeride Days (M/W)CANBRON108
20195thDirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON98.4
20194thDirt Wars Round 3 - ProGBRBRON108
20192ndDirt Wars Round 1 - ProGBRBRON135
201810thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON66.3
20187thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 5 - ProGBRBRON82.8
20188thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 4 - ProGBRBRON76.8
20188thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 2 - ProGBRBRON76.8
20185thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 1 - ProGBRBRON98.4
201815thDiverse NIGHT of the JUMPsPOLBRON45.3
201818thAir To The ThroneGBRBRON36.3
20178thDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON76.8
20167thDMR DirtWars Round 1GBRBRON82.8
201638thSwatch Rocket AirSUIGOLD63.6
20152ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 The Cycle ShowGBRBRON135
201512thMacedonia X-TremeMKDSILV95
20153rdDMR Dirt Wars Round 5GBRBRON120
20157thDMR Dirt Wars Round 4GBRBRON82.8
20154thDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 NASS FestivalGBRBRON108
20155thDMR Dirt Wars Round 2GBRBRON98.4
20157thDMR Dirt Wars Round 1GBRBRON82.8
20145thSwamp GravityFRABRON98.4
20139thJack Gear InvitationalGBRBRON71.4
20139thJack Gear InvitationalGBRBRON150.25