Tom Reynolds


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Rank History

Previous Results

Year Rank Event Nation Level FMB Points
20196thDirt Wars Round 7 - ProGBRBRON90
20193rdDirt Wars Round 1 - ProGBRBRON120
20186thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON90
20182ndRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 5 - ProGBRBRON135
201810thRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 4 - ProGBRBRON66.3
20181stRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 3 - ProGBRBRON150
20183rdRose Bikes Dirt Wars Round 2 - ProGBRBRON120
201812thAir To The ThroneGBRBRON57
201819thWhite StyleAUTSILV67.8
20173rdDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 - ProGBRBRON120
20172ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 5 - ProGBRBRON135
20172ndSwamp GravityFRABRON135
20174thDMR Dirt Wars Round 4 - ProGBRBRON108
20177thDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 - ProGBRBRON82.8
20172ndDMR Dirt Wars Round 1 - ProGBRBRON135
201717thBike DaysSUISILV78
201736thSwatch Rocket AirSUIGOLD80.16
201725thAir To The ThroneGBRSILV51.6
20163rdDMR DirtWars Round 5GBRBRON120
20163rdSwamp GravityFRABRON120
20164thDMR DirtWars Round 4GBRBRON108
20162ndDMR DirtWars Round 3GBRBRON135
20169thDMR DirtWars Round 2GBRBRON71.4
20162ndDMR DirtWars Round 1GBRBRON135
201616thBike Town PrzemyslPOLBRON42
20155thDMR Dirt Wars Round 6 The Cycle ShowGBRBRON98.4
20156thDMR Dirt Wars Round 5GBRBRON90
20155thDMR Dirt Wars Round 4GBRBRON98.4
20158thDMR Dirt Wars Round 3 NASS FestivalGBRBRON76.8
20156thDMR Dirt Wars Round 2GBRBRON90
20154thDMR Dirt Wars Round 1GBRBRON108
20147thSwamp GravityFRABRON82.8
20147thJack Gear InvitationalGBRBRON82.8
20146thThe DMR Dirt WarsGBRBRON90