Terms and Conditions FMBA membership

§1 Membership

As a member of the Freeride Mountain Bike Association you are part of a global community with the

function to promote Mountain Bike Freeride Sports, further youth welfare, and to protect nature and

the environment. As a member you will be entitled to all benefits the FMBA offers its members.

§2 Membership types and prices

Extraordinary (supporting) membership of individual persons.

Fee: € 25,00 per year

Extraordinary (supporting) membership for organizations and their representatives, CEOs and so forth

Fee: € 250,00 per year

§3 Payment of membership fee

The membership fee has to be paid after the completion of the application for the FMBA membership.

We provide different online payment opportunities. Independent from the chosen method of payment,

the membership fee will be charged directly.

§4 Withdrawal from application

Applicant is entitled to withdraw from the contract without mentioning specific reasons within 14 days

after completion of the membership application.

§5 Period of validity

The Association year corresponds to the calendar year. Membership begins on January 1st of the entry

year and after the first membership fee is paid. Should a member join after September 30th, the first

membership fee validates the membership effective immediately and until December 31st of the

following year.

§6 Notice of termination

Your membership can be terminated in writing by December 31st of each year respectively with a

cancellation period of two months.

§7 Membership benefits

With the FMBA membership the member is granted the right to profit from all benefits the FMBA

offers its members. An overview of the current benefits can be found on the FMBA website: Benefits can vary.



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