This year, the popular Teva Slopestyle event has achieved silver status on the FMB World Tour 2013 circuit. With the epic snow in Europe, the Southern hemisphere really is the place to be as the FMB World Tour 2013 kicks off this year.

In the Pro field, Sam Pilgrim came in first, winning $3000 cash, Tomas Zejda from the Czech Republic came 2nd and received $2000 and homegrown Kiwi Conor McFarlane took 3rd along with $1000.

As Tom Hey explained, 'Sam made the podium by throwing down big tricks on every single hit' and judges would be looking for competitors linking everything together smoothly without slipping pedals or looking sketchy.

Based on last year's, the course is bigger and therefore faster with an extra feature at the end. The course featured a 15ft x 15ft drop straight to a quarter pipe and wall. From the wall, riders step up to a wooden structure called a fruit bowl and then step down to build up to the money booter - the mother of all jumps.
The last feature - a quarter pipe to flat bank - gives riders one more opportunity to bust out more tricks.

Teva Slopestyle Results: Top 5

1. Sam Pilgrim (UK)

2. Tomas Zejda (CZ)

3. Conor Mcfarlane (NZ)

4. Chad Kagy (US)

5. Sam Dueck (CA)

Full results coming soon!

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