Even before the Red Bull District Ride it was clear that the one and only official FMB World Tour Champion is called Brandon Semenuk (CAN) and would take home the golden CamelBak Better Bottle. However, the battle for the top ten spots remained exciting until the end. With his result at the Red Bull District Ride, last year’s FMB World Tour Champion Cameron Zink came a close second. Sam Pilgrim’s victory at the Red Bull District Ride lifted him onto the podium of this year’s World Tour. The overall FMB World Tour ranking is now complete and we have an ultimate list of the world’s best freeriders. 
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At the end of the FMB World Tour, this is the final top ten ranking:

1  Brandon Semenuk CAN   TREK  4090,00
 2  Cameron Zink USA  EVIL BIKES  3439,50
 3  Sam Pilgrim GBR  NS BIKES  3348,75
 4   Anthony Messere CAN  MORPHEUS CYCLES  2991,50
 5  Martin Söderström SWE  SPECIALIZED  2882,50
 6  Cameron McCaul USA  TREK  2845,15
 7  Yannick Granieri FRA  COMMENCAL  2816,10
 8  Greg Watts USA  HARO  2797,83
 9   Darren Berrecloth CAN  SPECIALIZED  2601,15
10  Kurtis Sorge CAN  GIANT  2548,33

The Red Bull District Ride is the most legendary urban freeride event in the world and a truly deserved final for an extremely successful World Tour. The freeriding cream of the crop gathered in Nuremberg Germany to battle it out on a course of biblical proportions. And now it seems that Nuremberg has a new hero! In beautiful weather, Sam Pilgrim (GBR) delivered a truly impressive run. The British rider won first place at the final event of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour with over four points ahead of Martin Soderstrom (SWE) and over six ahead of Brandon Semenuk (CAN). Trick after trick, the 12 riders who qualified for the final of the FMB World Tour Diamond Event raised the bar of the sport; you just don’t see tricks of these dimensions everyday. When Sam Pilgrim took off from the obstacles, all of Nuremberg held its breath at his performance. At every hit he showed another trick and convinced the jury with his consistently high level of tricks throughout all 6 Districts. It was plain to see that he was thoroughly enjoying the course. 

Over the entire season, Brandon Semenuk delivered one solid result after another. The Canadian rider only closely missed a perfect season that he could have bagged with a first place in Nuremberg. Four out of the five events that count towards his overall ranking were first places. Thus, the perfect season remains unattained and the first rider to achieve it in a future FMB World Tour is sure to go down in history. However, Semenuk was not the only contender for the top of the World Tour podium. Sam Pilgrim (GBR), Yannick Granieri (FRA) and last year’s champion Cameron Zink (USA) also had good chances of taking home the golden CamelBak Better Bottle. In the end, nobody came close to catching up with Brandon and even a high point score in the overall ranking at the Diamond Event Red Bull District Ride could not change that fact for either Sam or Cameron. 

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