Crankworx celebrated it's 10th anniversary at Red Bull Joyride in awesome style. The riders often said that the course was the best ever, super flowy, super dialled and of course... big!

History was made last weekend as Brandon Semenuk became the second athlete ever to win Red Bull Joyride for the second time. Brandon last won the competition in 2011, but last year it was Thomas Genon who shocked the world with his surprising win. This year, Thomas was not able to continue his success. Obviously the pressure was on his shoulders and everyone's eyes were on him as he crashed in his first run, but then came back to nail a solid second attempt -- earning 79 points and finishing in 6th.

But going back to Brandon, he delivered a run, which met everyone's expectations, full of spins, flips and whips -- sometimes even executed in opposite. For a moment it looked like his bad luck from 2012 was going to follow him into this year's edition after bailing on a flipwhip on the last jump. But then, with all his hopes laid on the line, the winning run was put together beautifully and he took home his second Red Bull Joyride win with 96.40 points.

The only man who could deprive Brandon of his victory was Martin Soderstrom. Martin has never won Red Bull Joyride. This event is somewhat of a unicorn for the Swedish giant. When Martin dropped in he showed technical tricks right out the gate, which certainly had Brandon holding his breathe. It was going perfectly, a triple whip up top, a bar spin off the wallride and then, with everyone standing up and shouting as it looked like Martin was finally about to break his Red Bull Joyride curse, it all went wrong on the final jump. Martin tried to seal the deal with a 360 triple whip but crashed hard. Brandon started breathing again and Martin remained in second place.

For the British rider, Sam Pilgrim -- things went smoothly and the outcome was certainly satisfactory. Sam's third place finish has given him enough points to take over the lead of the FMB World Tour overall ranking -- 100 points ahead of Martin Soderstrom. Sam is another rider who has a history of bad luck at this Diamond event. After his run Sam said "It's great! I survived Crankworx!" -- that quote speaks for itself.

A final shout out goes to Anton Thelander who won the Young Gun award and finished 4th overall at his debut Red Bull Joyride competition. Quite frankly, Anton demonstrated yet again why the nickname "Cleanlander" is sticking so well. A super smooth final run, with big airs and dialed tricks earned him his best result of the season.

Next on the event calendar is Bearclaw Invitational this weekend and then the FMB World Tour grand finale -- Red Bull Rampage on October 13th

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Top 10 results:


  1. Brandon Semenuk
  2. Martin Soderstrom
  3. Sam Pilgrim
  4. Anton Thelander
  5. Antoine Bizet
  6. Thomas Genon
  7. Yannick Granieri
  8. Anthony Messere
  9. Kurt Sorge
  10. Kelly McGarry


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