It is with much regret that the organizers of Goat Style have announced that the 2011 Goat Style Bike Jam Festival is forced to be cancelled. The event was expected to be one of the most anticipated events of the summer but has run into financial difficulties due to some lacking funds that were expected to come from sponsors. An event of this magnitude has to have the financial funding from the corporate world as well as the bike industry and unfortunately that support was not there when it was needed. 

At the eleventh hour the organizers of Goat Style and Silver Star Bike Park met and brain stormed over the numbers and tried to source funding from everywhere they could think of. However, unfortunately they could not find a solution that would do the Goat Style name justice. This event has been breaking new ground every summer since its inception six years ago and to not do that history justice would be undeserved. 

Both Silver Star Bike Park and Goat Style have built reputations in the industry and it is always the plan to do events and endeavours that represent those brands proudly and it's unfortunate that this event lacked the funding from some key supporters that was required to make it a success. Everyone who has already registered for the event will be refunded their registration fees from the Goat Style organizers. Likewise, anyone who has booked accommodation with Silver Star Mountain Resort will be refunded their bookings. 

The organizers of the event and bike park would like to thank everyone that believed in this event and was going to attend and also apologize for this unfortunate conclusion. The mountain bike industry is a passionate group and all of the people involved in putting this event on were dedicated and had a lot of passion for the cause and are really disheartened at this turn of events. All the support shown to this event has been much appreciated.

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