A fair and standardized judging system is one of the most important building blocks that form the basis of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour (FMB World Tour). That is why the Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) has called the Judging Clinics into life that train and certify judges from all around the world. Coming up soon are the North American Judging Clinics in Monterey, CA during the Sea Otter Classic festival (April 19th) and they are still open for participants. For more info about the clinics and the application process, write to until April 2nd for a chance to take part.

The European judging clinics are barely over and again proved to be a complete success. Lively and fruitful discussions among the participants ensured that the judging guidelines are internalized by each one of the new FMBA licensed judges. The clinics give every participant the opportunity to discuss and familiarize themselves with the guidelines that are implemented at every FMB World Tour event. "It is simply not possible to organize a tour without introducing standards everyone has to adhere to. I'd say it's high time to school judges in the mountain bike freeride sport," judging clinics instructor and FMBA advisory board member Paul Rak commented.

The FMBA has to rely on every judge that receives a certification to adhere to the standardized guidelines in order to create a fair competitive environment for the FMB World Tour. That is why each potential judge receives a thorough education during the FMBA judging clinics and has the opportunity to not only learn about the theoretical details of FMB World Tour specific judging. Participants can also practise their skills during several video judging sessions and subsequent discussions supervised by instructor Paul Rak. 

Anyone who is interested in participating in the North American Judging Clinics in Monterey (April 19th) is welcome to apply for participation. Potential FMB World Tour judges are selected for participation considering their experience in the sport and their judging experience. If you are interested in the clinics and would like to learn more, write to info@fmbworldtour.comuntil April 2nd to be eligible for the North American judging clinics.

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