On the last weekend, three FMB World Tour bronze events took place across Europe and also the big names of the scene competed and fought for their FMB World Tour ranking points: Sam Reynolds (GBR) took home first place at the Monster Energy Dirt Contest on Saturday at the Balaton Bikefest in Hungary.

With the support of the French spectators, Frédéric Austruy (FRA) was the best rider and scored first place points at the Natural Games 2011 in Millau (France), also a Bronze event of the FMB World Tour. One of the favourites of this years FMB World Tour, Sam Pilgrim, showed up in Poland at the Dirt Town Jelenia Gora 2011 an won with a rock solid performance. Now, the Freeride Mountain Bike circuit is moving to beautiful Chatel (FRA) where the next FMB World Tour gold event takes place, the Chatel Mountain Style from July 1st -- 3rd. It will be the only Big Mountain Contest of the season, so expect to see most of the world's best riders in Chatel.

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