It's the end of the 2012 FMB World Tour season and so we wanted to find out some unusual facts about the everyday life of the riders. We asked Sam Reynolds, Yannick Granieri, Kurt Sorge, Mitch Chubey, Martin Soderstrom and Szymon Godziek to give us some day-to-day facts and figures about their 2012 season.

Camelbak is one of the FMB World Tour partners because hydration is crucial for concentration and safety! We asked the riders how much water they normally drink during an event. Not counting the variety of energy drinks consumed! 

Sam: "So much! A litre per hour maybe? When I'm nervous I drink litre after litre and have to pee so much all weekend. I usually do my run and bomb straight to the toilet." 

Yannick: "I might drink 1,5 litres of water, a few Red Bull cans and of course sweets."

Kurt: "So much! There usually isn't enough... if it's hot out, we drink it all." 

Mitch: "At home I consume 4-5 litres of water just sitting around. I'm always hydrating! At contests it seems like every run you're grabbing a new bottle of water. It has to be in the 10's of litres on a contest weekend. The hot sun and hiking back up the course does it." 

Martin: "Normally you are too nervous to eat that much so you definitely drink a lot. Like 10 litres on one day, then the same amount of liquid in the bar afterwards then double the water for the day after..."

Szymon: "A litre with two cans of Red Bull seems to be the ideal amount. Keeps me concentrated and away from the bushes."


FMB World Tour contests are obviously all about the riders skills and sheer gnarlyness, but fashion on the slopes is also a part of the game. So we wanted to know how many pairs of jeans the riders go through in a season.

Sam: "Probably about 1 per month, being hooked up by Fox is sick cause when I rip them I can just get pimp new ones!  And I crash a lot so it used to get expensive."

Yannick: "I rip 4 or 5 jeans during the season."

Kurt: "Between 1 and 2 pairs because I like to ride in moto shorts and pants mainly."

Mitch: "I use to wear good jeans when riding. Now it's all about the Kirckland specials at Costco for 12 bucks a pair. I keep the nice ones for contest runs when it counts. I would say I go through a minimum of a dozen. RaceFace's new Kevlar 3DO pads don't seem to destroy pads like hard plastic shell pads do."

Martin: "Wow, well that´s a good question. Since I started to ride in stretch jeans the amount has definitely increased but there´s no other way. Stretchies all the way! But like 20 pairs probably."

Szymon: "I only go through about 5 pairs of my 55DSL jeans, they are pretty tough."

Throughout the season we have seen so many riders pull off an epic trick, or take off a massive step-down but then just loose grip on the landing. Having the right amount of rubber on your rims is basic 101 for a contest. So how many tires do the riders go through in a season?  -- you might be surprised!

Sam: "None, haven't changed my tyres since I put them on in April!" 

Yannick: "During the season I go through 2 set of tires for my dirt jump bike."

Kurt: "6 or so, fresh rubber is the best." (now that's more like it!)

Mitch: "It varies by bike. This year my slope and hard tail bikes just had the one set. I think for my AM bike I have 3 separate sets for different conditions. Same with my freeride bike. My DH bike shreds through tires! I run Maxxis super tackies, ultimate traction, and it crazy how many kilometers you can get in at Whistler!"

Martin: "Not enough, I should probably change tires way more often but I ride Conti's and if they're rolling, they're good - so I struggle to find the motivation to change them. In total I maybe change tires like once."

Szymon: "That's easy. Zero."


This year we have seen riders take some pretty hard falls. Without pointing any fingers -- if you were to total up all the riders, how many teeth do think have been lost this season?

Sam: "Annoyingly I've only seen one this year and it was mine."

Yannick: "Well, I guess 2 teeth went missing this season!"

Kurt: "There's been a few grills for sure... if I had to guess I'd say about 10?" 

Mitch: "Do chipped teeth count?  I chipped 3 slightly this year. I know Sam Reynold's just lost one. What's with Sams' and loosing their teeth?" -- (we did ask not point any fingers but it is kind of obvious the Sam's are both missing teeth!)

Martin: "The tooth fairy is probably pretty poor by now! But we are seeing way more riders ride with mouth guards so that has probably saved a lot. I'd say around 5 in total could be possible!"

Szymon: "50? : D "

Being a Pro rider has its perks! So... what are the most popular things people ask you to sign at comps? (Magazines, posters, t-shirts, helmets, frames, boobs ... )

Sam: "At comps it's boring stuff like posters of dudes and t-shirts but every now and again that huge pair of milkers come along and they get signed by everyone!  We all love signing a good pair of boobs!"

Yannick: "The most popular things I am asked to sign at comps is definitely posters, t-shirts and helmets." 

Kurt: "Shirts. There should be more boobs though!"

Mitch: "Most popular hands down has to be T-shirts. Magazines, event flyers, other riders posters and note books would be close in second.  Don't think I've ever signed a pair of boobs yet. That would be the day you know you've made it!"

Martin:"Definitely not enough boobies... But it´s a good mix, everything from i-phones to foreheads."

Szymon: "Posters and t-shirts. Never boobs yet, but one day!" 

So there you have it, some facts and figures from the riders perspective during an FMB World Tour season. Girls, it seems pretty obvious what you need to do to win the hearts and minds of the riders -- not too difficult! Thanks to all the riders for being a part of another fantastic season!


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