FMB WT: What were your ambitions and goals at the beginning of the 2011 FMB World Tour? 

My goals were pretty simple: Do the best I can at each event and stay healthy. The year is not over yet so those goals remain the same, but so far the contest season has been good and I'm healthy... Knock on wood.  


What was the most gashing experience on the way? Any fears, thoughts or favorite parts? 
B: I think the most gashing experience was the amount of traveling I had to do to attent all these events around the globe. The favorite part of this season is pretty much the same as every year: riding new courses with old buddies.

FMB WT: Who do you think will stand next to you on the podium after the Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg? 
B: I think the guys that are high up in the points and have been riding constantly the whole season will be holding those top spots. Zink, Pilgrim, Granieri and Watts will probably be the guys that are fighting out the remaining spots in the top 5 of the 2011 Tour.    

What do you think of your trophy that will be handed over to you at the prize giving ceremony at the final event of the tour: the golden CamelBak Better Bottle with the FMB World Tour logo on it made of pure gold? 
I love goooold.

With the Red Bull District Ride coming up we're wrapping up the season. Now if you'll win this as well, you would have a perfect season behind you and a maximum of 4250 points winning 5 events at Gold and Diamond level. What are your feelings and your motivation on that and do you reckon you'll make it? 
B: Off course it would be nice but in the end it doesn't really change anything for me. My principle for all contests is very easy and stays the same all the time: I'm going to try my best like always and see where it takes me.    

What is your advice to the young talents out there that want to become as successful as you are?
Take it to dirt!
FMB WT: If you could choose a special country or city where a high level FMB World Tour event should be held, where would it be? 
BC Canada is the Mecca of mountain biking to me. It could always use another event. 

What are your goals for the next season? 
Keep on keeping on! 


Photocredits: Red Bull Content Pool

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