The first North American Gold event went down last weekend and it was a massive hit! The course flowed, the crowd was amazing and the riders sent it... hard! 


It was Martin Soderstrom who managed to put together the winning run scoring a whooping 94.6 points! Martin hasn't had the easiest season so far but at Colorado Freeride Festival it was clear he wanted to put the hard times behind him and really get down to business of pursuing the FMB World Tour 2013 overall title. Martin delivered the usual technical tricks that have helped build up his reputation as one of the world's best slopestyle riders. Featuring, barspins, 360's, and of course tailwhips... his run was a feast for the eyes!

Way to go Peter Henke! The German stud took his biggest victory of the season this year at Colorado Freeride Festival. We all heard the rumours that Peter had a double backflip tucked away in his bag of tricks but it was yet to seen in a competition - all that changed last weekend when the TSG International rider, flipped his way into second place on the podium scoring 91.6.

With only 0.1 points separating Anton Thelander who came in third (91.4) and Thomas Genon (91.3) in fourth - some might say an extra step on the podium is required. Both of their runs were super dialed - but what gave Anton that crucial egde? Simple! He threw down a flawless technical run with opposite 360's and barrel rolls. "Cleanlander" strikes again! Colorado Freeride Festival is his second podium position this season at a Gold event. It looks like the winter training sessions paid off for the rider, who last year placed 27th in the FMB World Tour overall ranking and is currently sitting in 5th!

Sam Pilgrim fans had high hopes for a win here at Colorado Freeride Festival but the UK rider and current number 2 in the FMB World Tour overall ranking could only manage 5th. Despite not making it onto the podium, Sam had a good competition and gave us all some cracking GoPro shots! So thanks Sam for sharing them with us!

Anthony Messere, Canada's youngest talent qualified 1st last friday and was looking strong for a victory at this Gold event but his bad luck seems to be holding on tight this season. Anthony took a nasty fall in his first run and unfortunately couldn't take advantage of his second. We hope to see Anthony break through and pin down a solid result soon!

You can catch the LIVE replay of the Colorado Freeride Festival here

Top 10 results 2013:

  1. Martin Söderström
  2. Peter Henke
  3. Anton Thelander
  4. Thomas Genon
  5. Sam Pilgrim
  6. Nicholi Rogatkin
  7. Amir Kabbani
  8. Tyler McCaul
  9. Yannick Granieri
  10. Brayden Barret - Hay

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