Almost all existing FMB World Tour events of 2011 will also be part of the tour in 2012. At the same time, the FMBA is open to new events, which will allow freeriding to establish itself further on the blanks of the global mountain biking map.
The third FMBA season starts in spring 2012. The World Tour has already called such high caliber events as the Red Bull Rampage or the Red Bull District Ride; events that received massive media attention. Until the new season, the FMBA is looking forward to new applicants in the fields of dirt jump, slopestyle and big mountain, in order to create a diverse event calendar 2012. The FMBA is open for established giants as well as complete event-world novelties - applications are welcome!

In the upcoming tour 2012, there will once again be four different categories. Depending on the quality of the event, the ratings of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond are to be awarded. The categorization of an event follows objective and comprehensive criteria such as course requirements, quality of rider's line up, prize money, media output and overall professionalism. (More detailed information can be found: here)
The FMBA is inviting all interested applicants to send in their applications until January 16th 2012. All required documents can be downloaded: here

The events will be evaluated on the basis of the application. The general set-up, quality and relevance of the potential event will be compared to the respective requirements of the categories. Accepted competitions will be included in the event calendar.
The FMBA is looking forward to a well-varied FMB World Tour season 2012, also featuring a couple of surprises in the event schedule. More info to come soon...

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