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The Freeride Mountain Bike Association consists of partners and affiliates within the mountain bike industry who together, work towards the development of the sport of freeride mountain biking. By supporting athletes, events and all freeride enthusiasts around the world, the FMBA creates a global community of people who share their passion for the sport.

And you have the chance to be apart of this community!

The FMBA membership is for individuals and companies alike -- who share the drive and determination to develop this infinite adventure we call Freeride Mountain Biking. As a member of the FMBA you are actively supporting everything the FMBA brings to Life and directly engage with the FMB World Tour.

With the FMBA you will also benefit from discounts in bike parks, magazine subscriptions and online shops all around the world and have the opportunity to get your hands on some great packages with our member specials.

The small annual membership fee is a big part of making it all happen and allowing the tour to run as smoothly as it does. Furthermore, the FMBA gives you the chance to make a difference by simply reaching out to us, giving your sport a voice and becoming a part of a world-wide community.

We always and gladly take any questions, suggestions or advice you might have at

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Go out there, shred the dirt and support your sport - become a member of the FMBA!



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